Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Had A Dream

For those of you expecting to find something inspirational or at all related to Dr. King...I'm sorry. This really is mostly just about how I had a dream a few nights ago. I waited to write about it because it took me a couple of days to really think out what I wanted to say about it. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves! First, the dream: [insert wavy dream sequence effect here]

I find myself walking into a club, past the velvet rope, into some kind of private function. The sense that these are actors, that they are dressed well, as am I (I do look good in a tux, if I do say so myself) leads me to believe that this is some kind of awards show after-party. None of the faces were really clear, so I can't say who all was at my dream party. Well, that's not entirely true... some amalgamation of people was off to my left which represented the cast of Glee... ... ... the bar was to my right! As I recall my dream, I was about to make my way to the bar when a "louder than the general murmur of people talking" laugh caught my attention. I turn to look and my eyes focus in on Naya Rivera! I remember dreaming her in a red gown...a form fitting, off the shoulder number... I blame that on The Hunger Games... the book, not the movie, I had just finished reading it, and all that stuff was still fresh in my head. But I digress. As I was saying, I saw her, she was laughing, a great smile all across her face. And I was hooked! Now, I've gotta say, I don't really watch Glee...I've seen a couple of the songs on youtube, and while I don't deny that there's a level of talent there, it's just not my jam. But I'm aware of the program, and I'm particularly aware of her being the best looking one on the show (IM not so HO).  So I walk over and this is the exchange that takes place between the two of us:

Brother Arson: Hi! can I get you a drink?

Naya Rivera: I've already got one! Thanks!

BA: Well, can I get you another one?

NR: I can get my own drinks.

BA: I'm sure you can, but it's not really a drink that I'd be getting!

NR: ... Then what is it?

BA: Well, you see, the drink is merely a gateway to a conversation. A conversation which could lead to... dinner next week!? Which would of course come with more conversation. And that could lead to another dinner, with more conversation. That would likely lead to a night out dancing. We could try and squeeze in some more conversation if you like, between songs maybe, but it's really mostly about the dancing cuz dancing is fun! After that could be... Oh I don't know, an art show, a picnic, mini-golf!? Hard to say really, it's kinda far down the road! At any rate, if you string enough of those events together, they lead to what I have been led to believe is referred to as "a relationship".  Of course, that entire realm of possibilities is predicated on you letting me get you a drink right now! So, what do ya say?

NR: And why me?

BA: Because you're pretty!

NR: And that's enough?

BA: It's enough for me to offer a drink! Whether the conversation which follows convinces me to ask you out to dinner next week still remains to be seen!

NR: ...OK! I'll have a whiskey sour!

That's where I wake up! It's a nice little dream! But don't get it twisted, I'm well aware that it'll never ever happen! Wealthy as I am, I don't see myself being in California anytime soon. Nor do I think I'd be invited to some fancy schmancy Hollywood type party! Even if I did and I were, I know it wouldn't go down like that! Here's how it would likely happen in reality!

I walk into the party...I notice her laughing and smiling. I smile to myself, thinking "Wow, she looks great!" and then I turn and walk to the bar and spend the night drinking half a bottle of scotch, by my-damn-self!

I'm not saying I wouldn't be personable if somebody came up to me! I've met Kevin Bacon and Ric Flair and the wife of a candidate for the Republican nomination for Presiden turned talk show host (the candidate, not the wife) and not been star struck. There's no reason to believe that I couldn't carry on a conversation with NPH or Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or Olivia Munn or some such person or persons if they approached me. But I know good and well, I'm not the type to initiate those encounters. It's not that I'm terribly shy... I mean, I share stuff with y'all that I don't generally tell people about. And yes, that may be in part because I am afforded a degree of anonimity by the internet... combined with my own ability to believe that nobody is actually reading this stuff. 

So, not "shy"! "Reserved", I think would be a better way of describing me in public. I do spend a fair amount of time observing...and there's something distasteful about expending a great deal of effort to engage in ultimately fruitless conversation just for the sake of being personable! Besides, I've only got so many minutes on my cell phone plan to spend talking about...whatever! Not to mention, between this and twitter, I can tell and show and share just about everything I would if we were in the same place at the same time. I'm not saying that reading my blog is the same as meeting me...but it's damn close. I don't lie to y'all, and Lord knows it's random enough to preclude me doing all this just to push some kind of agenda! 

At any rate! No question attached, no asking for your opinions in the comments! Just saying, I had this dream a few nights ago, figured I'd share it, and some of the stuff it made me think about!