Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Problem of Keeping a Schedule

I just realized that I was in danger of not posting to my blog for the entire month of September! (Insert Shocked Gasp Here). So, I've decided to fix that! It occurs to me that the lifeblood of web based content generators, be they bloggers or youtubers or Verified Accounts on Twitter, is consistency! You saw a great video or read a great blog post (aw shucks fellas, that's awful nice of ya but you... you... you weren't thinking that about me at all...were you? *sadface*) and you say to yourself, "Hey! That was great, I'd like to view/read more of that!" And the people who make a job out of doing stuff like this will give you more and, they'll give it to you regularly (giggity). The fellas over at Epic Meal Time and most of your favorite youtubers, keep cranking out new videos every week without fail! Because that's what you expect of them! Political and TV/Movie bloggers post almost every day of the week! So why is my schedule so non-schedule-esque?