Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Problem of Keeping a Schedule

I just realized that I was in danger of not posting to my blog for the entire month of September! (Insert Shocked Gasp Here). So, I've decided to fix that! It occurs to me that the lifeblood of web based content generators, be they bloggers or youtubers or Verified Accounts on Twitter, is consistency! You saw a great video or read a great blog post (aw shucks fellas, that's awful nice of ya but you... you... you weren't thinking that about me at all...were you? *sadface*) and you say to yourself, "Hey! That was great, I'd like to view/read more of that!" And the people who make a job out of doing stuff like this will give you more and, they'll give it to you regularly (giggity). The fellas over at Epic Meal Time and most of your favorite youtubers, keep cranking out new videos every week without fail! Because that's what you expect of them! Political and TV/Movie bloggers post almost every day of the week! So why is my schedule so non-schedule-esque? 

Well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it!? I suppose I could blame it on the more esoteric nature of my blog. Whereas the politicos and the TV and movie guys have something new to write about everyday (whether they like it or not) I generally write about whatever thing happened to cross my mind in the last day or two. Which is complicated by the fact that a lot of the things I think about, I'd rather not write about! i.e.; what porn I watch, why I'm sad and alone, my dead-end job ( that I think about it, those last two might be related), or all the other common everyday things that you probably think about too! Let's be honest, you don't need me reminding you of your car insurance payments and rent being due and crushing student loan debts and heartburn and the weather and household chores and that thing on the side of your neck that may or may not be skin cancer and how the cat shat in your hat...again and "relationships are hard" and how come smoking looks so cool even though you know it's horrible & gives you zombie lungs and [WARNING: Seinfeld Impression Pending] What Is The Deal With Airport Security!

Finding varied and at least mildly interesting things to write about sometimes takes time. Especially when you're not actually doing anything interesting in your own life! Even more than that, I find it helpful to be in a particular mood to produce these irreverent and insightful little tidbits of literature. (I'm self deprecating enough, no need for you to go piling on!) So, I'm sorry if I haven't managed to hold your attention as well as some others and, by way of apologizing, starting in October, I will do my damnedest to write something for you folks at least once a week! Even if it winds up just being another shitty poem like the last thing I wrote! 

P.S. - The shitty poem was written because of The Sagan Series on YouTube. I suggest you check it out, it'll put that little nugget in context! Also, it's GENIUS! Take it from me, I should know!

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