Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do they still teach kids to write in Cursive?

Well, the title pretty much says it all... do they? I recall (as will most of you, I think) an entire year of Elementary School (3rd Grade if I'm not mistaken) where everything I wrote HAD to be in cursive. I remember them teaching us all the little curly swirly letters, and being instructed to turn the paper at an angle to get that signature  cursive tilt. But, as I think about it now, I can't remember how to do a capital letter Q in cursive to save my life (lower case, yeah, I got that, but that damn capital Q....). 

And that's partly my point! How many of us actually write things by hand anymore, let alone use cursive! We all just type it on a computer...which has it's uses I suppose (BTW, thanks for reading!).  I grew up in the days when the computer was a new thing to have in a home as opposed to a necessity, when you actually used it to do work (no, that didn't last long at all) and not waste time on the internet (ah, those AOL chat rooms were fun... of course in hindsight I do wonder how many 40-something fat men I was talking to when I thought they were 14/f/michigan [don't go all Chris Hansen on me, I was also 14 at the time... "No Pedo"]),  when the coolest thing on a computer was Oregon Trail as opposed to interracial midget porn (no really, you gotta see it, she's so tiny and he's...well...you get the idea). The point being, that kinda stuff developed with me, I can't imagine what kids are doing with their time with all that stuff readily available at birth... Do kids still play outside with balls and bikes and sticks and stuff?

I will admit this...besides my tied together "th" when I write in print...there is one thing that I do write exclusively in curisve (besides my signature...smartass)... I write the little snippets of my future novel in cursive. Scraps of paper with bits of a story, scrawled in nearly illegible cursive (no really,sometimes I have trouble reading it myself), all in a folder, in a bag, under a mattress, in a room, in a house, on a street...I think you see where I'm going with that! The point is, cursive writing, the last vestiges of an age where all educated people learned calligraphy, has gone the way of a treasure in a Nic Cage movie. Except it'll never be found again because to get to it, Nic Cage will have to run like he's NOT a bandy-legged jackanape!

So here's the questions:
1) Do they still teach cursive in school (teachers...come on)
2) What are your memories of learning to write in cursive
3) Do you still write in curisve sometimes/ when?
4) What game did you play as a kid that you don't think kids these days have ever heard of?

Answer/comment below and by all means, feel free to spread the word!

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